Angry Birds Mighty Eagle

Many Angry Birds Online players don’t know exactly what the Mighty Eagle does, or how to acquire it. The Mighty Eagle was specially brought in to help you (and the birds) pass a challenging level. The Eagle is an in-app purchase and it will cost you $0.99.

It can be used to pass a level only once per hour, but on levels you already unlocked, you can use it as many times as you want. Good news, the Mighty Eagle is a one-time purchase!

You might think “Hey, this is an easy way to gain points and three stars!”, but, sorry to disappoint you, using the Eagle will not yield any of those; Instead, you have a chance of achieving Total Destruction, which is 100% Eagle Highscore. Your goal will be to obtain Total Destruction on each level. Tip: The best way to get the 100% Eagle Highscore is to use the Mighty Eagle together with the other birds.

To activate the new bird within a game, after you purchased it, you simply have to tap the Eagle Eye icon found next to the “pause” button. After you decide to use it, you will see that a can of sardines (Mighty Eagle’s favorite food) appears on your slingshot. All you need to do afterwards is shoot that can of sardines towards your target; wait a little bit, and you will see the Mighty Eagle into action: he appears out of nowhere (the sky, actually) and destroys everything. After this, you will find out what percentage of destruction you obtained. Sometimes it can be tough to get the Total Destruction score, you will need to use the Angry Birds strategically, and to drop the sardines in the right spot.

I hope this article helped shed some light on the “mysterious” Mighty Eagle. The Eagle is available for iOS devices, and for Angry Birds Online regular edition and Seasons. Also, users with a Nook that have the game installed on it will be able to activate it for free once they enter a Barnes & Noble store. The Mighty Eagle is not available for Angry Birds Rio, or the free versions of the game.



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